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Welcome to PL Online: We are the tuition and enrichment centre with the difference. We nurture innovative and thinking students who will need to "study less but learn more". Our strengths are our original hands-on interactive methodologies and hand-picked, well-trained and experienced tutors. We also have more than $150 000 worth of apparatus, equipment and materials to support our tuition and enrichment programmes. Our classes are suitable for all levels (Pre-Primary to JC 2) including GEP, IB and IP.

Our mission statement: PL Education Centre and PL Enrichment LLP are dedicated to helping students learn and discover the joy in learning in conducive and stimulating learning environments. 

Kindly call us for details on schedules, fees and terms. Please call Mrs Peter SP Lim [ph 98775537] or Mr Peter S P Lim [ph 82013996] for details. Kindly refer to them for details on schedules, fees and terms. You can browse the photo gallery to see the activities our students do in class during tuition and view the sample videos for free.

In "Lab Environment ", we have included some original experiments that we conduct at our centres. You can see pictures and notes on specific Physics, Chemistry and other Science experiments performed by Mr. Peter S.P. Lim and our tutors or visit Mr Peter S P Lim YouTube channel like this YouTube video has that more than 2 million viewers.


or visit his YouTube channel:

Students on our ‘log-in list’ can download the relevant notes and pictures. Kindly remember what you download are meant for personal use as these are copy-righted by PL Enrichment LLP, Singapore. They can also view the videos of Chemistry and Physics experiments performed  and recorded at our centres.

You can also see what our present and satisfied past students said about us. Their comments are unsolicited. A breakdown of qualifications of our teachers can be seen on the "Our Staff" page.

PL Education Centre and PL Enrichment LLP are committed to bringing the best and most enjoyable learning experience to you and your family members. In line with our mission, we are implementing an Interactive Online Education system. Other materials will be added progressively. The Interactive Online Education system allows our registered students and visitors to participate in forums, download course materials and watch course videos online.

For visitors who want to have access to the Students’ Login section, kindly email us at plenrich@plenrich.com for a free one-month access. Please inform us which level and the subject you would like to view the videos and the notes. We will then send you a password. The available materials are for Pure Physics, Pure Chemistry and Science for Primary 6 to Secondary 4 (i.e. grade 6 to grade 10)



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For visitors who would like to request a free 1-month demo account, please email us at plenrich@plenrich.com





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