Videos shot at PL Enrichment LLP and PL Education Centre

Click link to play video:

:: Chemistry Reaction Rate 1 HCl with sodium thiosulphate at room temp Play Video
:: Chemistry Sodium amalgam placed on hand Play Video
:: Experiments with liquid nitrogen Play Video
:: Gold plating by Sarah Sept 2007 Play Video
:: Gold plating Shaun Sept 2007 Play Video
:: Heat Ball and Ring Experiment 1 Play Video
:: Heat Ball and Ring Experiment 2 Play Video
:: Helium filled balloon in Helium and speaking in Helium P6 S1 Play Video
:: LN2 Ping pong ball in Liquid nitrogen Play Video
:: Physics Light A Bent straw looks straight in water Play Video
:: Pressure law model Play Video
:: LN2 - PL primary school students crushing stiffened balloon cooled in LN2 Play Video
:: Magnetism - Levitating Top in an invisible magnetic well Play Video
:: Pressure - Hydraulic Press PL students playing with Hydraulic Press Play Video
:: Sinking helium filled balloon 1 Play Video
:: solid CO2 in limewater and phenolphthalein S1 b Play Video
:: Vacuum - Helium filled balloon sinks and explode in a vacuum Play Video
:: Vacuum Mash mallow and Balloon in Vacuum Play Video
:: Heat - Kinetic Theory Model Play Video
:: Lenz Law with Rare Earth Play Video
:: Correct Deflections of a Centre Zero Galvo Play Video
:: Dry Ice SlidingSsmoothly Over Table Top Play Video
:: P6 Successful Static Electricity Experiment Play Video
:: Improvised Distillation Play Video
:: Solid NaHg Amalgam Reaction with Dil HCl and UI Play Video
:: Reaction of sodium amalgam (Na/Hg) with water Play Video